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by on September 15, 2021

Why are more and more game enthusiasts now using hdd docking station 3.0 for games? The reason is actually very simple. Nowadays, gaming notebooks are gradually becoming thin and light. hdd docking station 3.0 can realize the functions that many games do not have, such as external ultra-high-definition display large screen, wired network connection, external keyboard and mouse, etc., and for some large games, it can also be used for notebooks through external storage. To slim down the memory, of course, the performance of the external storage must be good enough.

The measurements of hdd docking station 3.0 are also relatively small, with a length, width and height of 120*120*55mm, and the measured weight is about 445.1g. The weight is about the same as that of a bottle of mineral water. It is relatively light and will not be carried in a backpack. Bring a feeling of heavy burden, and then use it with a thin and light gaming notebook or a high-performance notebook, even if you go out to enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience, it becomes possible.

And on both sides of hdd docking station 3.0 are equipped with quite a wealth of interfaces, the right side of hdd docking station 3.0 is equipped with the most interfaces, you can think of it as the interface to the back of the desktop, including the power supply of hdd docking station 3.0 Interface, 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface \ two USB-A 10Gb/s, 2 Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, 1 USB-C 10Gb/s interface and 1 DP1.4 (DisplayPort) interface.

The left side of hdd docking station 3.0 also provides 1 USB-C 10Gb/s interface, 1 USB-A 10Gb/s interface and 1 AUDIO IN/OUT interface, similar to the interface on the front of a desktop computer host. Among them, the USB-A interface can provide power supply function in addition to data transmission, and it is more convenient to supply power to mobile phones on a daily basis. The AUDIO interface can satisfy the experience of wearing headphones while gaming, and bring a more immersive experience through the stimulation of the game sound.

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