Zhan Shi
by on September 13, 2021

Want show effect, please use concert stage truss

In terms of stage products, concert stage truss is different from other event stage products, such as aluminum stage, solid, durable and super practical. Today, Shizhan Group would like to talk about this briefly.

First of all, concert stage truss, to ensure its solidity. Otherwise, the performance, the event performance errors, embarrassment is not counted also smashed a show! Therefore, the choice of concert stage truss, good performance is the first.

Concert stage truss, using aluminum alloy as the frame material. Aluminum alloy is the most widely used in industry, a class of non-ferrous metal structural materials, in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipping and chemical industry has been used in large quantities. At present, aluminum alloy is the most applied alloy.

If you buy aluminum alloy stage, make it act as a concert stage truss, stable and reliable performance. Compared with the professional performance stage, it is not difficult to find that the aluminum stage is very "good". So, what is good about the aluminum stage?

First, concert stage truss application is simple, assembled, simple to build, suitable for outdoor activities; Second, the aluminum stage structure is simple, the frame and panel separation, transportation, storage are simple, suitable for business use; Third, the aluminum stage support custom, specific specifications, style, event stage manufacturers are to support the production, to meet the needs of customers any concert stage truss use.


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